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Kodati Pradeep, B.Tech
Vice President


Kodati Pradeep is the only son of the late Kodati Rajamallu. It was his father's desire that Kodati Pradeep should only enter active politics only after completion of education so that he is equipped to play a constructive role. While his father introduced Pradeep in to the theoretical aspects of politics during the initial years, it created an innate ability and desire to follow his father’s foot steps. Consequently, he joined his father's political campaign towards the mid seventies. Pradeep has since matured in to a popular figure in his father’s constituency where Rajamallu Education Society is active. In fact, after his father's demise in 1983, Pradeep along with his mother founded and organized the creation of the Society in 1994 to keep alive the ideals of Sri. Kodati Rajamallu. The Society established an English medium school in 1995 in Kistampet village which had a population of about 2,500. Kodati Pradeep is a respected and revered person in the area in his own right though his father's mighty reputation precedes him. Pradeep is known by one and all as a considerate, compassionate, helpful and resourceful person. Therefore, his active participation and cooperation in the charitable activities of the Society ensures social trust and ready acceptability of the schemes under implementation.


Kodati Pradeep after schooling in Hyderabad secured a seat in REC (Regional Engineering College), Warangal, Andhra Pradesh through competition. He completed his engineering in 1978-79 and joined his father in politics.



Kodati Pradeep's education continued on the job in political administration. His experience in political activity since 1980 has helped him in honing skills pertaining to Strategic Planning, Rural Economics, Identification of Rural Requirements and Socio-Economic Sensitivities, Mass public relations and government liaison.

Charitable Credential

Kodati Pradeep has impeccable qualifications for participating in charitable activities of a not-for-profit organisation in general and Rajamallu Education Society in particular. His deep commitment to complete his father's unfinished social obligations in the Chennur mandal of Adilabad district, Andhra Pradesh, India has proved to be a pillar of strength to the Society in over coming obstacles that come by in implementing social service objectives. His influence in the geographical area of the Society's activities is an useful asset in our possession.

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