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Is Rajamallu Education Society (RES) a legal body authorised to do social work and collect funds?


Yes. RES is a registered body under the Societies Act, 2001 of the state of Andhra Pradesh in India with the registration number 5015/94 on 7th of Oct, 1994.

What is the track record of RES in field of social and charitable work?


RES is a non governmental organisation (NGO) engaged in not-for-profit work since 1995 with funds generated by contributions of its own members in the field of education and health. With meager resources at its command the Society has continued to serve the village of Kistampet village, Chennur mandal, Adilabad district to the best of its ability. Consequently RES enjoys local support and admiration.

Has RES obtained donations hitherto?


RES activities have been largely funded by small contributions made by the members of the Society though there may been some donations from parents of the students.

Why is RES soliciting donation now after managing for so long on its own?


RES was managed by local members in Kistampet village who needed experience in implementing schemes. The Society took a conscious decision to use only funds from its own members. But the Executive Committee has undergone changes that ensure inclusion of accomplished, experienced and senior managers in the team in 2006 as a precursor to bigger plans to accelerate social efforts in Kistampet village and the larger area of Chennur mandal.

What is the core competence of RES?


The core competence of RES is derived from its ideals for which it was created in the first place. RES derives its name from the late Kodati Rajamallu a former cabinet minister of Health in the Govt of Andhra Pradesh who was a steadfast Gandhian through out his life. Kodati Rajamallu was a sincere and honest politician who represented Chennur Assembly Constituency and Bellampally Parliamentary Constituency in the same area from 1952 to 1982 when he passed away. The family established the Society to keep alive social ideals and objectives of Mr Rajamallu. So the propensity of RES to serve the people in general and the weaker sections of the society is indeed high.

Why should RES concentrate only on health and education sector?


Late Kodati Rajamallu rightly believed some forty years ago that development of backward areas like Chennur can largely be spear headed by investment to improve the quality and delivery of health and education. It is now accepted as a development mantra that better and accessible health care and education would give the required impetus that would empower the people to develop themselves and consequently the area they live in.

What tax concession can the donor expect?


RES has the permission from the Indian Income Tax authorities under section 80G of the Income Tax Act, 1961 whereby donations made during the current financial year would be eligible for deduction of 50% of the donated amount as deduction for calculation of taxable income.

How would the donor know about progress of social projects undertaken by RES and where the donated amount has been spent?


The Society shall post on quarterly basis a review report of projects with details of funding and balance of the fund, if any. In case donations are given for specific purpose then the Society shall be obliged to spend only on projects with the desired specifications. Audited annual accounts would also provided on request to high value donors.


The Society has been given permission by Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India to receive foreign funds/ donations to achieve the Society’s stated objectives since March, 2011. Donors may email the General Secretary, M L Narayan Rao for further details

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