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  • Even though the Society was allotted 10 acres of leased land for a period of only 25 years in June 2009 after Herculean efforts were put, the proposed Rural Residential School in Chennur Mandal, Adilabad District, could not be started due to the unfortunate and untimely demise of Mr. Y. S. Rajashekhar Reddy, Chief Minister, Andhra Pradesh in a helicopter crash. Consequently, the Principal Secretary, School Education, did not clarify/rectify the various untenable terms in the proposal. In the absence of clarity especially regarding the Governmentís financial commitment towards the said scheme, the Society considered going ahead with project very risky in all aspects. Therefore, we have decided to refrain from taking any further steps to proceed with the said project till the Government comes up with a clear stand and tenable terms and conditions.
  • The RES Public School (English Medium) which had 110 students in 2009 has grown in strength to 300 in 2013-14.
  • Free Medical Camps along with free distribution of medicines suffered a setback due to the long drawn agitation for a separate Telengana state and other extraneous factors beyond our control. We intend to revive the same after the General Elections
  • The proposal of the Society to set up a 100- bedded integrated hospital offering both Ayurvedic and Allopathic treatment has run aground because the land purchased by the Society (25 acres) was surrendered to the Govt. under the Assigned Lands Act and their promise to re-allocate the said land to the Society for public welfare purposes is yet to be fulfilled. Though all officials at the ground level including the Collector of the District have recommended the re-allocation of the said land to the Society, the Chief Commissioner Land Revenue, Hyderabad has put the file in cold storage on the ground that the stay order issued by the Honí able High Court, A. P. on an ongoing case has to be taken cognizance of. So, we have to wait for further Courtís orders.
  • While the Society had commenced vocational and employment oriented education for the rural youth in May, 2012 in association with the Andhra Pradesh Bankers' Institute of Rural Entrepreneurship Development, Rajendranagar, Hyderabad in Home Nursing to be placed as Home Nurses at homes for care of the elderly and infirm, we had to discontinue the same due to high turn over of trained personnel. Moreover, the poor response to further training batches. But we continue to help interest candidates for other vocational courses being conducted by APBIRED to secure admission in ti course of their choice.
  • I am happy to say that the Society has commenced vocational and employment oriented courses for rural youth in May, 2012 in association with Andhra Pradesh Bankerís Institute of Rural Entrepreneurship Development, Hyderabad with an objective to empower rural poor with earning power. We have started with the course on Home Nursing.

We at the Society continue to be positive and believe that all good things take time to happen. While thanking you for having spent your valuable time on our site, we continue to solicit your financial assistance through generous donations and support.

Dr Kodati Vijayalakshmi, MBBS, FRCOG, PhD (GENETICS)

Period: Apr 2008-July2009

Your Society was allotted 10 acres of land in Chinnur, Adilabad, Andhra Pradesh for the purpose of establishing the proposed Rural Residential Public School vide govt. order GOMs. 93 dated 30.01.08. But the land was actually handed over to the Society vide MOU signed between the Mandal Revenue Officer and RES only on 4.06.2009 with certain problems that prevent peaceful occupation of the same. The Society has requested the Principal Secretary, School Education Department, Govt. of A. P. to resolve them before any further action could be taken in the matter.

In the meanwhile, RES is continuing to run the RES (English Medium) Public School, Kistampet village, Chinnur mandal and admissions are on for the academic year 2009-10 for classes Nursery to V. The school had obtained recognition from the District Education Officer, Govt of A. P. in 2008. We are awaiting land allocation in Kistampet so that we requesting the Govt. of A. P. to give us grant-in-aid to able to offer free/subsidized education. We believe that our monthly fees ranging between Rs 120- Rs 250 is outside the reach of many families in the backward area of Kistampet were over a third of the population consists of the economically and socially backward schedule castes and schedule tribes. We are unable to reduce further as we are already incurring a loss of over a lakh of rupees per annum as it is. In the current circumstances, we would need at least Rs 2.00 lakhs per annum to subsidise the school to operate on a no-profit-no-loss basis and lower the school fees by 50%. But once the land is allotted to the RES then we would need a capital outlay of Rs.150lakhs for buildings and school equipment to establish a residential primary school of high standards. Residential school is the desirable want of families in the area. Moreover residential school greatly helps in regularity of learning of the child in rural areas and the child gets a secure and dedicated ambiance for better learning. The operating expense for such a school is estimated to be about 5.00lakhs per month. We estimate that a subsidy amount of Rs 2.50lakhs per month would be required.

Rajamallu Education Society (RES) is continuing to give medical and health services to the population of Chinnur mandal through the regularly conducted monthly free medical camps in association with Singareni Collieries Company Limited. The details of the same can be seen in free medical camps page in this website. We are not only providing free medication to the needy, we are also bringing renowned specialists and super specialists to the camp in Kistampet to offer free medical consultation.

We propose to set up a 100 bedded integrated medical facility- offering both allopathic and ayurvedic treatment under one roof as combined treatment is unique and would prove to be of great advantage to the patient. There are also plans to start para-medical courses, vocational courses and ayurvedic medical college as an extension of the hospital. We are awaiting the allocation of land by Govt. We had requested the Govt. in March, 2007. Since then, the Mandal Revenue Officer and the Revenue Divisional Officer have recommended the allotment of 20 acres of land in July 2008. We are expecting progress in the matter.

We have applied for exemption of donations made to the Society under 35AC of the Indian Income Tax Act whereby the donor would be entitled to a 100% deduction from the income to the extent of the donation. The application was made in May, 2009. The Society already has exemption under 80G of the IT Act vide F. No. DIT(E)HYD/80G/52(02)07-08, DATED 02.05.2008, VALID UP TO 31.03.2011, whereby the donor is entitled to deduct 50% of the donated amount for calculation of income tax.

The Society has approached the Govt. to run Public Health Centers in Chinnur mandal. The proposal has received positive response from the Govt. We are studying the details of the operation before making detailed proposals in the matter.

We at the Society are nothing but positive and firmly believe that all good things happen in time.

Thanking you for sparing your valuable time and soliciting your support at all times

Yours sincerely

Dr. Kodati Vijayalakshmi

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